Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 2014 Stitch Fix Review

My March got off to a nice start this morning. Last night, after returning home from the Advancing Teaching and Learning conference in Lubbock (which was wonderful), I tracked my Stitch Fix and saw it had been delivered, so I knew I had a treat to look forward to in the morning. After making breakfast and showering, I headed to the apartment office to pick it up.

If you're unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, read my first review of the experience here. 

My stylist this time was Rachel. I had requested colorful clothes to wear on our spring break trip to Los Angeles.

My first two try ons were a hit. The Tallia Embroidery Detail Tank and Adora Skinny Jean. I loved that I could wear the blouse to work with a skirt or pants and also wear it for fun. I had specifically asked for colorful skinny jeans, and I love this turquoise color that Rachel chose.

Up next, the far less successful Mumford Beaded Ombre Collar Necklace. I had specifically asked for NO jewelry this time, so I was really bummed that that request wasn't heard. I plan to email Stitch Fix and ask what is up. Also, this is so, so, not my style.

I would have loved my next item, the Arcade Dot Print Chambray Top, but it was too big in some places and then pulled across the chest.

The last item was the Hellen Geo Print Pleated Skirt, which Rachel said she picked because I had it pinned on Pinterest. While this is true, and while I do think the skirt was cute, comfortable, and work appropriate, I also have my Stitch Fix set to "the Cheaper, the Better" setting and mentioned in my profile that I'm on a budget. This skirt was $108 (which I obviously didn't know when I pinned it); not gonna happen.

I kept two of my items, and I filled out comments about the rest. While there were some aspects of my fix that I didn't love, I was very happy with the two pieces that I did keep.

I will be returning the other three pieces with Stitch Fix's free returns method: Just place them in the pre-paid envelope, and drop them in the mailbox. Easy!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? If you want to give them a try, I'd appreciate the referral here to get your own fix. 

There's lots to love about today: Saturday and it's already 79 degrees! I plan to get out and enjoy it. I'm so happy to welcome March. I'm so over winter, ready to be in the sunshine, and more than ready for Spring Break, which starts next week!

Happy Saturday and happy March  everyone!


  1. You look so cute I guess half isn't bad at all! My first stitch fix just shipped today and I am so excited to get it and try it on. I may never go to the mall again at this rate ;)

  2. Thanks Kelly! How did yours turn out?

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