Thursday, March 6, 2014

On the Horizon...

Ahhh, March is going by way too fast. 

I did want to say thanks for reading :) Last month, we got 4,160 page views, which is more than ever before, so thanks! 

As of tomorrow afternoon, Brendan and I will be on Spring Break. We are driving to Austin and then flying to Los Angeles to spend the week with friends. We'll have nine days of vacation, and I. cannot.wait. 

Tonight, I'm doing laundry while Brendan teaches, and I made my delicious pasta sauce out of all the produce we have left, so we could use it before it went bad. I hate wasting food, so this, with a salad and side of green beans, was a perfect solution. 

I've been really re-committed to eating healthy these last two weeks (I even lost three pounds). Remember my granola-bar-in-the-car breakfasts? They've been replaced with Oatmeal with fruit, egg sandwiches, cottage cheese and grapefruit, or yogurt and fresh fruit. I've been feeling a lot better, but also notice that I need "second breakfast" (usually a hard boiled egg) around 10:00am. I'm pretty used to eating every 2-3 hours, and though my family has always made fun of this, I think as long as I'm eating healthy, it's good for me! I've also been trying to drink my 8 glasses a day of water. 

Here's to hoping I can keep up my new good habits while on vacation! I'm happy to say, I got all my grading done before the break, so I feel that I can really enjoy it. 

Tomorrow, Brendan sees the Orthopedist for the 2nd time. Fingers crossed he does not need surgery on his finger. We're also teaching and leading an Honor Society meeting before hitting the road, so tomorrow will be quite a long day. 

Hope good things are on the horizon for you and yours this weekend.

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