Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Break So Far

We've had a great start to Spring Break so far. Friday, after work and Brendan's orthopedist appointment (X-rays look good, but he'll have to return in two weeks), we headed for Austin and arrived just in time to enjoy Indian food and game night with my mom, cousin Amanda, and Amanda's boyfriend, Matt. Saturday, I enjoyed brunch with my friend Kelsey, did some errands, and got a manicure with my mom; this gave Brendan some time to grade. Mom made spaghetti at home and we played Mexican train (dominoes) with my parents. Sunday, we went to kerbey lane with Graham before he gave us a ride to the airport. He had just finished a two day urban outfitters catalog shoot, so we had fun asking all about that.

Yesterday, we got into Los Angeles in the late afternoon. Our lovely hosts are Brendan's friend since second grade, Curtis, and his wife, Katie. Curtis made us an awesome dinner, and we sat outside by the fire enjoying wine and the palm trees! 

Today, we started off by going down the street for smoothies. Since I just finished Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior (loved it), we headed to a used bookstore, and I picked up Lorrie Moore's A Gate at the Stairs (can't put it down). We went to Albertsons and got some flowers for our hosts and then did last night's dishes (our one useful task for the day!)

We got dressed for the beach and made our first stop sushi. 

I was SO happy! I'd eat this everyday if I had my way. 

The beach was about a 45 minute walk. I love the sound of the ocean. 

After the beach, we got beers and fries at a nearby bar, and on the walk home, we stopped to get some parts for Brendan's vaporizer. After I showered, Bruce and I hung out in this chair, which I never want to leave 
We ordered pizza once Katie got home, and we opened a bottle of wine. Good thing I walked four plus miles today because there's a lot of good food here! 

Today was far more exciting than a normal Monday! Hope your Monday had some novelty to it too! 
S, B, L&Z

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