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April 2014 Stitch Fix Review

Happy April! I really meant to do a post welcoming April earlier this week, but I was so busy at work that I didn't get around to it. I love that we're getting into spring and warm weather. I also love that April is the last full month of the Spring Semester. I'm not going to wish it away, but I do love summer if you know what I mean ;)

I have another Stitch Fix review to share with you.
Check out my last two boxes here: February and March 

Unfortunately, this box was not a success at all, which was a total bummer. The clothes were not my style and all fit baggy and loose (I'm a fitted clothes kind of gal). To understand what a miss this was for me, check out my Pinterest board, which I think shows what kind of clothes I like. Also, keep in mind that I asked for colorful clothes for spring and no jewelry. I was happy that they honored my request for no jewelry this time.

Now, here's what they sent. Stylist this time was "Jessica." It doesn't really help not having a last name.
Up first was the Mona Boyfriend Short and the Ritz Mixed Pattern Front Pocket Knit Shirt

Okay, so the back of this shirt is navy blue with white polka dots. It was weird because the front had a t-shirt material, and the back had a blouse material. This shirt is too casual for work and not something I would wear for fun. It was also 44 dollars, which is just too much for a casual top in my opinion. The shorts were a size 6, even though I have size 4 marked in my profile. I'm not sure why the stylist sent a bigger size, but they were loose in the waist and longer than I like my shorts. They were also 68 dollars, which I thought was way too much. I find beautiful shorts at Banana Republic for half that price.

Up next, the Adelyn Abstract Print Drawstring Waist Dress
Oh the horror! Notice my uncomfortable face (I tried to maintain a good sense of humor about it!) This dress was just awful on so many levels. First of all the colors and print are hideous. Then, there is that weird sheer V of fabric at the collar. Finally, this dress is a small, but was so baggy and unattractive. I couldn't wait to get this one off. It was priced at 48 dollars, which I would definitely pay for a dress if I liked it.

Up next was the Sylvestre Lace Detailed Short Sleeve Top
This top was sheer in the back, and that made it non-work appropriate. It was a very thin material and overpriced at 48 dollars. If this had been work appropriate and of better quality (there were already threads coming off of it), I would have kept it. I am confused why this was even sent to me because I asked for colorful clothes.

Last, I tried the Frany Cap Sleeve Cotton Embroidered Hemline Dress

Again, the size small was quite baggy on me. Again, this gray color is the opposite of colorful. The fit did my figure zero favors. My bra was showing. The only thing good about this dress was that it was priced right at 38 dollars (which I would pay for a dress I liked).

I knew right away that I was sending all of this back. The only plus was that I had credit, so I didn't actually lose 20 dollars. I signed up for another fix in May because I still have 55 dollars worth of credit to my name. Honestly, this was a negative experience, so I wouldn't have done it again if I had to front my own money. My past fixes have been better, so maybe May's fix will be good again. It is fun when the stylist is paying attention.

My referral link is here if you do wish to get your own fix (even after my lackluster review). My experiences in the past have been better, but I gotta be honest about each and every review.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Did you ever get a total miss?

At least tomorrow is Friday!

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  1. I actually really love you in that first dress! I think it's cute.


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