Sunday, April 6, 2014

We're Building A House!

In what was the biggest decision of our married lives thus far, we bought a really expensive pile of dirt today, otherwise known as a lot! 

Right where we are standing, we are building an 1,870 square foot 3 bedroom/2 bathroom/2 car garage home. If all goes according to plan, our new digs will be ready January 2015. 

So far, we've picked our floor plan, lot, and brick. In the next month or so, we will meet with the builder and finalize all of our selections. They expect to "break ground" in June. This option will allow us to build our home with all of our desired amenities (hint: our kitchen is my dream kitchen!) This will be part of a subdivision by the way...we aren't just building a house in the middle of nowhere! The community will have a pool, splash pad, and playground. 

Our decision to look to buy a home came recently, as we have decided that we intend to spend several more years in Midland. Our jobs are going really well. A few months ago, I was made the chair of a committee to build a Learning Skills Center, and Brendan, as of earlier this year has a place advising in the Honor's College Program. If courses make, we will both be teaching creative writing in the fall, and we are still happily advising the English Honor Society together. I will be traveling some for work, including a really neat conference at Disney World regarding tutoring centers. Long story short, we feel invested in what is going on, and once we knew we intended to stay, buying a house was the next logical step (rents continue to be ultra high here). 

Are we happy? Yes. Are we scared? Also, definitely yes! Thankfully, we have family members to look over paperwork and make sure we get the best possible deal on the financing end, and so that part is made a little less overwhelming. Of course, as with buying any home, there are elements of the unknown, and our closing on the new home will be pending inspections after the builders are done, so nothing is absolutely final yet.

That's our big news for now! Stay tuned for more updates, including, hopefully, an actual house where this pile of dirt is!

<3 an excited

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