Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BirchBox May 2014 Review

Greetings from the Midland airport...our flight to Houston was supposed to be at 8:30, but we are delayed until 10:00 (fingers crossed we make our meeting today). I thought I would take advantage of the unexpected down time to do my May Birchbox review.

This month's Birchbox was pretty good! The theme was "Freewheeling Fun."

I received: Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo and Protect and Condition
This is the same brand of the detangle spray that arrived in my first box, which I later bought a full size of. Like the detangle spray, the shampoo and conditioner has an amazing smell. The products left my hair feeling great, but the full size prices of $22 a bottle are too much for me. Still, I'm happy to have the samples, and they are the perfect size to travel with!
Supergoop! Everyday SPF 30
I really like this sunscreen...it is non-greasy and does not have a strong smell like many other sunscreens. It does not burn or irritate my skin. You can use it on both face and body. The full size sells for $48 for 18oz, which is a very large bottle. I would consider it if I was going to be home this summer, but since I'll be traveling, I am glad to have this purse friendly mini.
LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Coral 
This was a full size of the product, which usually sells for $18. I love when I receive full size goodies in my Birchbox! The pencil contains shea butter, so it is super moisturizing. I like the color, which is subtle but pretty. There is a slight minty flavor. This pencil should last a long time.
My "lifestyle extra" was two packets of the 32 Oral Care Breath Crystals
This product was interesting to try, but it is really not my thing. The crystals have a texture like Poprocks, and you swish them around in your mouth while they freshen your breath...then, you are supposed to swallow them. This is gross to me, and I would much rather chew gum or have some mints.
My last Birchbox surprise was a coupon to Saturday.com, a website that is new and part of the Kate Spade brand. The coupon is good for $25 off your purchase of $75 or more and does not expire until July 1st. I probably won't use this because I've already done some recent shopping. If any reader wants to claim my coupon code, you can send me an email at lolaandzoeblog@gmail.com and it's yours. Check out the website, and see if it is something that you would actually use.

Well, that's my Birchbox review!
We are now delayed until 10:30...that 1:00 meeting is going to need to be pushed back. Wish us luck!

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