Thursday, May 15, 2014

Home From Houston!

Brendan and I had a great time in Houston. Our work meetings were super helpful, and I feel confident that we can use all we learned to help design an amazing Learning Center at MC. I've got some work ahead of me in the next few days compiling on the information we now have. We also managed to keep up with our online courses despite travel schedules and sometimes spotty hotel internet. Best of all, we had a lot of fun.

We were able to visit with my grandmother for several hours, and we were so happy to see her. She was in good spirits. We also ate our way through Houston: Vietnamese food at Saigon Pho in Lake Jackson, TX, Thai Food at the amazing Thai Jasmine in Houston (which won points with us for being BYOB), and amazing diner food at City Cafe, also in Houston.

After Thai last night, we went to the Sundance Cinemas and saw the Grand Budapest Hotel, which was delightful. This is a movie that likely won't come to Midland, so we were glad to get to see it when we had the chance.

Despite all of our "big city fun," we were still glad to return home. And guess what arrived shortly after we did? My new shoes! These Reebok Skyscrapes are going to be my Europe shoes...they are super light (5 ounces), no socks needed (machine washable), cute, and best of all comfy! They aren't running shoes, but they feel perfect for being on your feet all day. Much to Brendan's satisfaction, I've come a long way from my wearing heels everyday days of yore.

Now that we're home, there is a lot I need to take care of in the next couple of weeks before we leave again. I'm going to make a list and chip away at it, but for now, I'm just loving on the cats and kicking up my feet ;) Have a good night everyone!

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