Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend with Erica! She is with us one more night due to bad weather flight delays. Here's a look at how we spent the long weekend:

Playing Ticket to Ride--Europe (Zoe is a competitive player).

On Saturday, my parents drove to Midland for the day (they were staying in nearby San Angelo) and Brendan and I showed them and Erica the tour of the model house in our development that uses the same floor plan we choose. Our house will be a bit different, but it gave them a pretty good idea of what to expect. Everyone loved the house, and afterwards, we all went to La Bodega for delicious Mexican food:

We cooked lots of good food while Erica was here and even made heavenly homemade peanut butter ice cream following this recipe. Our Kitchenaid Ice Cream Attachment is one of my favorite things (thanks Molly and John!)

We also took Erica to the I-20 Nature Preserve where we spotted rabbits, lizards, butterflies, and pretty birds including some cardinals.

Of course, no visit to Midland is complete without a trip to my favorite place, the drive-in movies. We saw the new X-Men movie and Neighbors, which were both okay. The drive-in experience was fun in itself! 

We hope you had a great weekend too! 
(and E!) 

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