Sunday, June 29, 2014

28 & Birthday Donation Time

Hello! I woke up in Reims and headed to Brussels today. And I'm 28!

A few years ago, my mom told me about a simple concept called "Donate Your Birthday." The idea is that every year, you give your age in dollars to the charity of your choice, creating some good mojo for each year of your life. I have been participating since I turned 25, and I really like the concept. Imagine how much money would go to charitable organizations if everyone did this each year? It would make a major impact, and for many people, it wouldn't be financially difficult.

For my purposes, I try to consider something important that happened in that year of my life, and I pick a charity accordingly. This year, one major thing that happened is that Brendan and I decided to build a house.  It took us a couple of years to save to be able to do this, and in my 28th year, I will become a homeowner. I wanted to give money to a charity that helped meet housing needs in Midland. I found a great organization called Christmas in Action that has been operating in Midland for 41 years. They repair homes for the elderly and disabled and help people on fixed incomes who cannot afford to make much needed repairs such as replacing roofs and siding, adding wheelchair ramps and handicap bars, fixing gas lines, heaters, water heaters, and plumbing problems, repairing air conditioners and heaters, and even doing some electrical repairs. In 41 years, Christmas in Action has helped 10,000 families and made, undoubtedly, a huge difference in the Midland community.

They do not take online donations, but I mailed a check to their offices at, Christmas in Action, P.O. Box 3744, Midland, TX 79702, before I left town.

My 27th year was an amazing one, and I am beyond grateful for the experiences it brought me: Brendan's and my amazing wedding and honeymoon to the Hawaiian islands, many opportunities during a first year at my new job, many travels, and a fabulous first year of marriage. I hope 28 has a lot of great things in store. 

We found our hotel here, and it is much larger than we expected. Brendan and I have a separate bedroom and we have a kitchen and large living area.   

I thought this church was cool. Our trip was good--a little rainy but still just sprinkling. It is cool here though! About 55 this morning. We had amazing Ethiopian food for dinner. 

Cheers to 28 and feeling great ! 
<3 s, b, t 

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