Friday, June 27, 2014

A Day At Versailles

A quick update! On Wednesday, Brendan and I were two of the first in line for our day at Versailles. We spent 10 hours exploring the palace, vacation homes of the king and queen, the queens hamlet, the farm, and all the surrounding gardens and fountains. It was truly a spectacular day! 

We had a nice picnic lunch in the gardens and crepes for dinner 

Yesterday, our attempt to visit the catacombs failed when they were shut down due to a strike. 

No one seemed clear on why the strike was happening. One man who moved here in January said the strikes have caused him much annoyance and happen all the time. Oh well, we saw a movie instead. Zero theorem. It was weird. 

We are off to Reims today. We got perfect weather in Paris (no rain), and we had a really nice week! I will miss it but I'm ready for some champagne! 
<3 s, b 

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