Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Few Days in Austin

We made it to Austin on Sunday evening with Lola and Zoe in tow. So far, the girls seem to be adjusting well to their summer home. We've been doing a lot of celebrating since we got in town. On Sunday night, we took my parents out to celebrate mother's day late, since I hadn't sent or done anything for my mom yet. She choose this sports bar for the occasion, which I found hilarious. It was good though!

The next night, Brendan and I went to the store and then made dinner for my parents, and we celebrated all of the summer birthdays. While at the store, we picked up two months worth of cat supplies for Lola and Zoe, who are officially set for the summer.

This summer marks Lola and Zoe's 6th (June 5th), my Dad's 65th (June 14th), my brother's 25th (June 19th), my 28th (June 29th), and my Mom's 61st (July 28th). We ended up singing "Happy Birthday to everyone except Brendan" because that was just easier. Also, my father in law's birthday is June 25th and he'll be 60 this about a lot of summer birthdays! Throw in mother's and father's day and the summer is one big celebration. 

My mom got me this beautiful Coach purse for my trip to Europe. I got to pick it out, and I had so much fun looking at all the purses. This will be great for my travels: small, light, cross-body, and easily fits into my carry-on backpack. My dad announced that he will be replacing one of my front tires, and I am also happy about that! I choose to leave my parents gifts to open on their actual days instead of giving them early. Thus, much of yesterday involved shopping.

Last night, a big group of my family went out to Jasper's in the domain. This was my first time there. I liked it, and I would especially recommend it for a special occasion or for drinks on the outdoor patio, which was really nice. Below are 3 of Mimi's 4 granddaughters (we missed Elena, Amanda's sister, who is in Jerusalem with their parents), and Jeanne's two daughters Skyler and Kate (who were 2 of the flower girls in Brendan's and my wedding). Skyler and Kate are absolutely delightful--so grown up and articulate. We don't get to see them or their parents Jeanne and Jeff nearly enough because they live in Ohio, but I treasured the time with all of them. 

Skyler, Stacy, Kate, Amanda, Jeanne 
The boys: Jeff, Brendan, and Matt 
We also had my Dad's sister Elaine and her husband John and my mom in attendance. The more the merrier. 

Today, we're enjoying one last day in Austin before leaving for New York tomorrow. I don't know what all the day will entail, but I do want to get my hands on some tomato pie from Kerbey Lane Cafe...

Here's to tomato pie! 

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