Wednesday, June 18, 2014


We made it to our hotel in Saint Contest, France this morning. The hotel is nice, but unfortunately not at all central like we imagined. After 2 bus rides, we still needed to haul our luggage about a mile by foot and we're not near anything. Luckily, they did give us an early check in. Once we left our bags, we headed back to Caen to explore some historic sites including the castle of William the conquerer and saint peters church. 

The castle is about 900 years old. I kept thinking our friend Ryan would love it. A lot of it has been reconstructed of course. 

The church was first built in the 7th century...but has been remodeled as late as the 15th century. 

The church had all these neat gargoyles that are rain spouts. It was hard to get a good photo on the phone. 

I also got a crepe 

And while I'm very bad at French, I can now say hello, thank you, and diet coke, and I seem to be getting by. I took French in high school but it has been many years, and I never had any real world application. I can read menus pretty well though, so I guess the flash cards weren't totally useless. 

Tomorrow, Normandy. We didn't go today because we wanted a full day, so I'll be there 70 years and 1 day after my grandfather. Drats! 

For now, sleep. Sleeping on a ferry isn't quite so comfortable, so we're all pretty tired; we've been up and moving since 6am and it is almost 11pm. It was good to take a shower after 36 hours in the same clothes. 

And most of the bathrooms in Caen are out of soap. Maybe soap should be my next word to learn in French. Oh yeah, and I miss google maps; life is much easier with a data plan! 
<3 S,B,T

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