Thursday, June 12, 2014

Home in CT + A Last NY Night

On Monday night, Brendan and I made it back to CT just in time for the 60th birthday celebration of the year. Brendan's dad turns 60 on the 25th of June.

Make a wish!
Family selfie
We spent all day Tuesday in CT hanging out with the grandparents, and we also caught a showing of the movie Malificent, which was a little sappier than we all expected, but still cool.

With Grandma and Boompa
With Grandma and Tom     
We invented a new trend: The grandparent selfie. This is a very fun idea.

We also got to hang out at Sharon's shop, ate lots of delicious food, and enjoyed all of the grandparents' gardens. Tom even gave us some spare Euros (as did our hosts Eric and Peggy), so now we really feel all set!

See the heart?
On our last night in NYC, Brendan had dinner with Peggy and Eric, and I met up with friends Lauren and Cheryl. Today is Lauren's 29th birthday, so we celebrated!

Love this girl!
I've been friends with these girls (and many others not here) for nearly 10 years (in January). We navigated college and everything after together. We were missing Tara here, who had to work super late.

Cheryl, Me, Lauren
Back in Jersey City at Peggy and Eric's, we made it to bed reasonably early (1:30am) and actually managed to sleep, despite our nervous excitement about leaving for Europe today. I think we will feel so much more ready for this trip when we are IN Oxford, but knowing that there are two planes and a bus between us and there still makes it seem so far away.

Peggy and Eric have been AMAZING hosts here in New York. We are going to miss them, and we are so thankful to them for making this part of our trip both possible and so enjoyable. 

We will update again about our travels, but we don't arrive in England until tomorrow (our flight is overnight), so expect something from us then.

Here we go!!!
<3 S, B

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