Friday, June 13, 2014

In Oxford!

We're in oxford and off to a formal ball 3 hours after arriving. Super jet lagged and no blow dryer, but hey, it works!

Update-- Saturday, 6/14
Our trip here yesterday was mostly fine, but we did get slammed with some unexpected bag fees on easyJet, an airline we'd recommend avoiding.  After the formal, we went out to a very popular pub, Turf Tavern, where I basically fell asleep after essentially 32 hours awake. We did get a solid 12 hours of rest though (Tony has generously given us his bed/room and is sleeping in the living room), which was great, so we're now on Britian time. Today, while Tony got some work done, we went to a street fair and a park with new friends from Germany, Switzerland, Iceland, and Scotland. Lots of interesting conversation over beers ensued, and we answered a lot of questions about life in America and asked a lot of questions about those other countries as well. A beautiful and cool day here. 

We were invited to dinner with all these new friends to eat raclette, a Swiss meal, so we're off to do that now. I'm grateful for this fun day and for meeting new friends. 

<3 S&B

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