Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Paris Museums

A very fast post to say we're a okay. 
We went to the louvre yesterday (well, me and Brendan, as tony won't touch it in high season). This was my only Photo of the day--Brendan looking at a statue (meta). 
Half world's greatest museum and half hell on earth (there are thousands of people) the louvre is both not to be missed and a perfect example of why you should pick a month other than June to visit Paris if you can (that said, the weather in June is so great). But, to focus on the positive, we saw a lot of amazing things (and even braved the crowds to see Mona Lisa). Brendan's dad is an artist and art teacher, so Brendan is able to explain a lot of the movements in a way that makes me more engaged with the art. That said, I should probably audit an art appreciation class or borrow a textbook, so I can learn even more. Best way to get louvre tickets without waiting--go to the underground shopping center carousel de louvre and proceed to the entrance on the bottom floor; once in, you can buy a ticket in 15 minutes while people outside the pyramid wait over an hour in the hot sun (suckers). 
Today we did the rodin, but only so we could buy a dual ticket to the Rodin and the d'orsay and avoid lines at the orsay that way. The Rodin is okay but I'd do the orangeie instead if you can. They have the same dual entry deal but are closed on Tuesdays. Orsay is wonderful--a more enjoyable day than the louvre thanks to smaller crowds, air conditioning, and a more easy to navigate space. Still, it was extremely busy, but that's okay. We got to see lots. Tomorrow Versailles (again, tony won't touch it in high season, so it will just be us) and for now, bed! Oh yeah, we ate this last night 
The cheese and bread here is so good that I never want to leave. Everywhere is the smell of fresh bread! Tonight, we had delicious Vietnamese. I am not going hungry. One more thing: we witnessed a protest today and there were about 100 officers in armour with shields on the scene...and like a lot of police vans that fit several officers. It was intense looking. But it's strange that I'm not used to seeing protests anymore since I live in a small town now. I think just the armour and shields freaked me out (sad that guns don't have the same effect because I'm so used to seeing them). Anyway, we were just walking near by, but not through. Okay, seriously going to bed now! 
<3 s, b 

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