Sunday, June 15, 2014

Raclette and Punting in Oxford

Guys...we gotta move to Switzerland. Here you can eat melted cheese over potatoes with pineapple, pearl onions, and pickles. 

You use this little specially made oven to melt the cheese. 

Thank you to our new Swiss friends: Micheal, Dominque, and Karen for sharing their imported cheese from their was so delicious! 

After drinking at the college bar last night (Wolfson), we were back this morning for Punting. What is punting? 

A tradition at Oxford. Each college owns several punts for the students to use. You steer them with a long wooden pole. We brought pimms cup ingredients and a stereo. 

It was actually pretty chilly today! Not the summer weather I'm used to. 

After punting, we ate at Eagle and Child's pub and then saw the Christ Church (church built by Henry VIII) meadow:

Plus, we walked the 99 steps up Carfax tower to see the highest public view in Oxford: 

Plus, we saw a nudist parade: 

Don't see that everyday! 

Here's to what's new :) 

<3 S&B

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