Saturday, June 28, 2014


We made it to Reims yesterday after a short train ride and had time to eat lunch and visit the cathedrale notre dame. The cathedral is gorgeous, and we think even larger than the one in Paris. It is where Charles the VII was coronated with Joan of Arc at his side in 1429. While there, we found out about a choral music concert, so we bought tickets and attended. The music was simply beautiful and the way the sound carries in the church was spectacular. 

After some drinks (champagne of course), we returned for the lighting of the cathedral, a 20 minute light show set to music against the cathedral.

The event was free and really, really neat. I don't know that my phone photos do it justice! 

Today, the champagne tour! We'll get to visit the Champagne caves and the vineyards and taste some bubbly. Not a bad way to spend my last day of being 27! 
<3 s, b 

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