Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer 2014 Itinerary

Happy June everyone! 

This was one of my favorite shows growing up: 

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

June 1-4--Austin, Texas
June 5--7--NYC (staying in Jersey City, NJ)
June 8--NYC (staying in Brooklyn)
June 9-10--Quaker Hill, CT
June 11-12--NYC (staying in Jersey City, NJ)
June 12--Flying to Europe (Newark>>Copenhagen>>London)
June 13--17--Oxford, England
June 18--20--Saint Contest, France
June 20--27--Paris, France
June 27--29--Reims, France
June 29--July 3--Brussels, Belgium
July 3--4--Antwerp, Belgium
July 4--9--Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 9--11--Cologne, Germany
July 11--12--Frankfurt, Germany
July 12--13--Weingarten, Germany
July 13--14--Bad Hindelang, Germany
July 14--17--Munich, Germany
July 17--19--Salzburg, Austria
July 19--23--Vienna, Austria
July 23--26--Prague, Czech Republic
July 26--30--Berlin, Germany
July 30--Fly back to USA (Berlin>>Copenhagen>>Newark)
July 30--August 2--Quaker Hill, CT
August 2--7--Wayne, Maine
August 7--11--Austin, TX
August 11--Return to Midland

Yesterday was our packing day:

We are each bringing one carry on sized suitcase and one backpack...we'll do laundry while we're on the trip (obviously) and avoid having to haul big suitcases around or pay baggage fees.

You'd be surprised how much can fit in one small space! There were definitely some things I could not bring due to limited space, but I did manage to fit 6 pairs of shoes, a wedding outfit, 3 pairs of jeans, a few sweaters, and a whole bunch of shorts and idea of bringing a nice white dress to wear on our anniversary is totally not going to happen though. There is room, but not THAT much room.

We're excited to hit the road today and start our adventure. It now "sort of" feels real. We have friends in Midland who will check on our place and mail, and Brendan left his car with other friends to avoid leaving it unattended in the parking lot for two months. Of course, my parents will be cat sitting in Austin. All the logistics are taken care of, and now it's time to take a deep breath and hit the road.

Have fun, wherever your adventures take you in the next month. We'll be blogging ours when we can right here.

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