Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The New York Minutes

Greetings from Connecticut! I'm back-tracking a bit here to talk about our past few days in NYC.

On Friday, Brendan joined his friend Doug and a whole group of the guys did an all day bachelor party in NYC.

Meanwhile, I visited the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and stayed for 3.5 hours to make sure I saw everything.

The musuem was incredibly well done: emotional, powerful, and enduring; I think people will be visiting it in 100 years and beyond. Seeing such recent events presented as history is difficult. I spent the day on the verge of tears, but I think this museum is important. There were a lot of children there who were not alive for the events of September 11th. I have a lot of thoughts on it, but I feel it is better experienced than explained. Tickets do sell out and the museum was very busy. If you are going to be in NYC, I recommend purchasing your tickets in advance online.

On Friday evening, Brendan met up with me and Eric for a concert on a yacht. We saw Chris Robinson Brotherhood, a self described American blues rockband. We lucked out with a gorgeous evening and the band was great.

The next morning, I was up and out the door early to meet up with Corley in Long Island City. Corley planned the entire day for us, and all I had to do was get there. It took 4 trains to get to her, but it was well worth it. We ate brunch at the Long Island City Market, went to the MoMA at PS1 (disturbing but fun), shopped and sampled food at the Long Island City Flea Market, and had the most amazing cocktails at Sweet Leaf Cocktail Bar. Best of all, I got to spend 7 hours with my best friend. It was my kind of day!

Saturday night, I met back up with Brendan, Peggy, Eric, and friends for drinks on the water back in Jersey City. We stayed up until 4 in the morning just talking until Eric's eyes were literally closing! It's so nice to see people we rarely get to visit with.

Sunday morning, we ate brunch with Eric and his friend Rob, and then Eric drove us to the ferry, so we could make it to our hotel in the financial district. We packed only our backpacks for our 3 night trip, which made all the hiking we did with our luggage much easier. My Reebok Skyscrapes are performing beautifully by the way!

View from the ferry (see the new freedom tower?) 
On the Ferry.
We checked into the hotel at 3:30 and had to be on the bus to Doug and Maylin's Brooklyn wedding by 5:15. It was a little frantic, but we made it!

The wedding was beautiful and everything that makes Doug and Maylin special. It was fun, funny, romantic, and sweet. There were definitely some tears as they read their hilarious and heartwarming vows. The food was amazing, the DJ was awesome, and the afterparty went late into the night. 

We made it back to our hotel via cab at 3am. Being in New York always makes us both a little nostalgic for the days that we lived there, but we have a little too much fun when we're back. The next morning, we were both still incredibly feeling the effects of the previous night's fun. After we checked out, we made our way to Grand Central Station via Subway to get a train to Connecticut. Grand Central Stations is not a good place to feel sick. Get me asprin, coffee, and a bagel stat!

Still, we made it to CT in time for Brendan's Dad's 60th Birthday celebration. And it was magical.

Another post on our two days in Connecticut to come! It has been a lovely and restful couple of days, filled with family, but we're headed back to NYC tomorrow!

<3 S, B, and all the Egans

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