Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend in Paris

Yesterday, we walked around nearly all day and found some live music near the Eiffel Tower. We took in some famous sites (notre dame and the opera house) and ate falafel for lunch and sushi for dinner. 

Today, we cruised the canals and the river seine. It was pretty cool stopping at all the locks and lowering. We got to see a lot of the city and people watch. 

Since we were on our own today, we ate a fancy dinner at cafe constant. 

A few thoughts on Paris:
It is very crowded, but that could be more a feature of the weekend. 
The metro is easier, more reliable, and faster than NYCs (but Paris is much smaller of course). 
Carrying my own toilet paper everywhere is a smart idea. 
Almost everyone speaks at least a little English (unlike Caen). But asking if people speak English in French goes a long way. So far, people are all very nice.
Japanese food is very popular (surprised me).
I can still rock the 25 and under discount. 
I don't miss air conditioning--it's perfectly cool here. 
"Doing it all" is impossible--and that's okay.
Ice cream is 10 times better here. What are we missing back home? Please, let's copy this immediately.
Carousels are everywhere and adorable. 

I stay up so late here! The light until 10pm throws me off.
Goodnight Paris! 
<3 s, b 

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