Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Slow Day in Brussels

Yesterday, Brendan and Tony checked out the auto museum ("auto world"), and I went to the botanical garden. I also got a bit lost due to some construction on the tram line and a detour it took. In the end, I figured it out, and I was lucky to find a student who was majoring in translation to help me. He said he loved my American accent, which was funny to me. I never think of myself as having an accent! 

Baby ducks! 

Last night, we all went out for dinner (tofu in curry, yum), and then Brendan and I had drinks at chez moeder, a place that serves sour beers. Mine tasted kind of like sparkling red wine.

Today, Brendan and I are on our own. We are going to the art museum and doing some shopping. I think I've seen over 10 museums on this trip, but I've lost count. I am lonely for being able to communicate with anyone around me. Yesterday, a man asked me for directions in Dutch. I actually knew where he was trying to go, but all of my attempts at verbal direction or pointing only frustrated him and he threw up his hands in exasperation. I felt sad that I couldn't help him. I also miss being able to use google maps anywhere I am. Getting lost yesterday was a bit unnerving. However, I know it's good to shake up my routine. Here's to that!
<3 s, b

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