Friday, July 4, 2014


Our lunch today consisted of a shared Belguim waffle with whipped cream (amazing), Belguim beers, and one Belguim truffle each. 
Need I say more? 
If I do, then I'll say this: we also walked. A lot. Our travel here was stressful as we got separated at the Brussels train station from Tony--we learned a valuable lesson--don't separate at a train station when you have no cell phones. 
Once here, We took in many sights: 
Another cathedral
So called "mansion," but you're not fooling me, Ruben. This is a house. 

We met up with Tony for some very spicy Indian food for dinner. 
One night here and on to Amsterdam tomorrow! If you'd think we'd be tied, you'd be right! 
We have 5 nights in Amsterdam, so we're looking forward to "settling" and doing some laundry. 
That's all for today 
<3 S&B 

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