Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Castles of the Romantic Road

On Monday, we headed down the romantic road to see the castles of King Ludwig the I and II. 
This family was crazy because these castles were actually just summer homes to them. Will someone build me a castle size summer home or two in the Bavarian alps? Please? Anyway, I don't have any pictures of the inside, since they weren't allowed, but I tried my best with the exteriors. 
This is the castle that the Disney castle is based on. Neat, right? 

Guess what guys? I walked all the way up here from that first castle down there...then I bought myself an ornament with the money I would have spent on the bus. 

Here's my rainy close up! It rained off and on, but we mostly got pretty lucky. 
A view from the higher castle: 

These castles are not currently for sale :( 

After the castles, we visited Ausburg. We came looking for beauty, but we really didn't find much. I hope no one from Ausburg reads my blog. 

We arrived in Munich and ate a very late dinner around 11 at an all vegetarian restaurant. We are staying a ways from the city center, but the public transportation here is very good, and I'm happy because we have a 3 day pass, and that means no buying tickets each time. 

So that was our Monday. And it was way more exciting than my normal Monday, but on the downside, I was not invited to live in the castle and rule Bavaria,  But there's always next time! 

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