Thursday, July 10, 2014


Our last day in Amsterdam was rainy, but good. Ask me about it sometime...Yesterday, we took a train to Cologne (our last of the trip), and it was still raining all day. We found our hotel, rested a little, found a delicious vegetarian restaurant, and then found a beer hall. The beer hall serves only Kolsh, a cold beer made in house. They constantly refill your glass until you ask for the bill. 

Today, we took a cruise down the Rhine river:

Ate thai food, Checked out this giant cathedral:
(It only took 632 years to build...hope our house doesn't take quite as long ;)

Explored town: 

And then headed to the chocolate museum. I now know everything about how chocolate is produced, and by everything, I mean way too much. 

Now I have sad feelings about chocolate because I learned a lot about child labor that is involved in getting the cocca plants :( 
I'll have to look for better sources for my chocolate in the future. I also leaned a lot about Mayan culture, saw a whole factory, and even saw an exhibit on the history of advertising chocolate. It was all very interesting. And of course, we got to taste some too. 

Tomorrow, we get our rent car and head to Frankfurt. I hope it's bigger than this: 

I have now packed and unpacked countless times...and we've done laundry 5 times in 40 days, not bad. I am excited for the car and we're a little nervous about navigating too. Wish us luck!
<3 S&B 

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