Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hellbrun Palace

Guys, I'm so tired! But if my wi-fi connection holds up, I can tell you all about our Friday visiting Hellbrun Palace. This was built by a prince archbishop as a retreat for his amusement and pleasure. We came for the "trick fountains," which he had designed to surprise and delight his guests (you get wet!) they were built in the 1600s. Brendan did a great job getting us there! 

Unsuspecting children. Apparently the archbishop sent his dinner guests home with wet butts 

A lot of money can build a 200 plus anametronic town powered by water pumps, just FYI. 
I laughed at him, then I got splashed from above. 

We met up with tony for a picnic and liters of beer in Europe's largest beer garden. All the tables were full, so we shared with a local musician. He was replaced with two tourists from Spain that didn't speak English. However, we shared food, photos and videos and even goodbye cheek kisses (for me). 

We have a delightful roommate here from Taiwan. He is 24 and studying plant science in Amsterdam come fall for grad school. This is his first trip away from home, but he has everything quite figured out, like more than us! I absolutely love to talk to him, and I've learned a lot from him about Taiwan. He had lots of questions for us too, and he guessed we were both 26, which made us feel good! Salzburg was our one and only hostel stop, and we lucked out with our roommate. They did give us towels the size of hand towels, but otherwise, it's basically a hotel. 

I aspire to do my Saturday update soon! We are now safe in Vienna. 
<3 S&B 

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