Thursday, July 17, 2014

King Ludwig and His "Second Home"

This is the same king responsible for my previous post. On Tuesday, our first full day in Munich, Brendan and I visited his "second home."

Yeahhhh, this photo shows less than half of it. 
This place was close to the spelender of Versailles. 

Only, it had much smaller crowds. We paid for a combination ticket, which let us see the museum of carriages and sleighs and porcelain, plus let us into all the lodges and the first ever heated indoor swimming pool. This king needed a lot of carriages and sleighs because we saw nearly 100. 

Walking the gardens to see all the extra houses was the best part! We also stopped at a beer garden for lunch and beers. 
Swimming pool 

Queen's hunting lodge 

The church, designed in an underwater theme. 

They also had a lodge for a place to rest before croquet. It was a tough life...

After that, we took in city sights. Including visiting the bejeweled bones of the patron saint of spinsters. Okay then. 

We met up with tony for dinner and ate Bavarian food. Brendan is seriously surviving on sausage at this point. 

We saw the police giving a citizen a breathalyzer test on the way home. The legal limit here is .05. There also aren't speed limits here. We've only been using the car as a way to get from point to point, and we enjoy leaving the car parked for several days when we get to a new city and using public transportation, so that way we don't need to worry about it. 
I aspire to catch up with my blogging soon! 
<3 S&B 

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