Thursday, July 17, 2014

Munich, or the Day We Swam in Our Undies!

On our second day in Munich, Brendan and I headed to kunstkammer, a cabinet of curiosities, to see a bunch of weird stuff. Human skeletons, animal skulls, art, glass sculpture, and all sorts of indescirbable oddities awaited us. The store primarily exists for very wealthy collectors, but the proprietor was more than happy to show us around and answer our questions. She even gave us a free coffee table book. 

Up next, the English gardens. It's a hard life here in Munich. 
Surfing is popular here because of this man made wave. A fast tidal stream takes swimmers on a wild ride. I saw the swimming hole and was immediately sad I didn't have my suit. Everywhere, people were swimming. It was 80 degrees.

There were even some naked people! 

A beautifiul swimming spot and no suits, so we did the only thing we could...we swam in our undies! No one seemed to mind. It was quite cold though (think Barton Springs). 

It took a long time to dry though! After we left, I found a dyson hand dryer in a bathroom and dried stuff (my mom taught me this at six flags when I was a kid; so smart!) 

After swimming, we met up with Tony for dinner. We almost got lost, but 2 cyclists were very friendly and made sure we found our way to the subway. We ate dumplings last night. They are a specialty here and vegetarian, so tony and I were in heaven with our combo plates! In the main square, we observed 1,000 people dressed in white doing some kind of potluck. 

We were a bit jealous that we couldn't join! 

We headed home for the last night in Munich...up next, Austria! 

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