Saturday, July 26, 2014

Praguing and Blogging

Prague was perhaps our favorite city yet. It's so beautiful and quirky, affordable, and full of nice people. 

Babies climbing up a radio tower

We met up with our friend Rich. New friend really! He and I grew up together (our moms are friends), but we hadn't seen each other in years. Rich has been living in Prague the last two years, and he graciously showed us around and treated us to a very awesome dinner. Check out Brendan's pig...or guess, which is the pig? 

We met many of Rich's Czech friends, and they were all so funny and sweet. I didn't get photographs of everyone, but here's some from last night:

The guy to my right did the props for the movie Hostel II. I told him this series of films had me very scared to stay in a hostel! 

Other things that happened in Prague: 
Played fooseball with Rich and friends.
Got asked if all Americans read is Shakespeare (because Shakespeare appears in so many films taking place in American high schools).
Got many compliments from Rich's Czech friends...true gentleman! 
Took the craziest cab rides of our lives (taxi drivers here have NYC drivers beat in insanity category).
Had to pay 6 crowns (approximemtally 5 cents) for ketchup at McDonalds when I ordered French fries. This is all so very, very wrong. 
Brendan (a bit tipsy) got very mad at some backpackers at Mcdonalds for taking too long to order and preventing him from purchasing extra ketchup packets (for me, obviously). 
We walked by a former communist prison and by former communist housing/barracks. 
We drank lots of beer! 

Today, we made it to our last stop, Berlin, and we finally returned our rental
car. This is how relieved Brendan felt being done with the liability of driving a rented car through many a foreign country (2,500 miles to be exact). 

Our hotel in Berlin is awesome and around many shops and restaurants. We have 3 full days to explore here, and then we head back to the USA (but not back home). I do miss free ketchup,'s cool. KETCHUP!!!
<3 S&B 

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