Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Black Forest

Yesterday, we visited the Black Forest, and it was by far the most beautiful day of our trip. We started the morning with a waterfall hike: 

Next, we passed a sign for downhill go carts. The carts were on a track, like a roller coaster. Despite the rain, I really wanted to do it, so Brendan and I rode together in a cart. On the way up, we got a little wet. Brendan later admited he thought the ride would be lame, but he was proved very wrong! After the roller coaster climb, we were soon zipping down the hill and looping into the forest. It felt so fast, and I just hoped the cart would definitely stay on. It was the freeest feeling, And a wonderfully fun time. I was glad Brendan was there so it wasn't too scary. My photo doesn't show much of the track. 

Did I mention it was foggy? The sign shows what should be the view here. 

It gave it character! We stopped for some Black Forest cake and then went on to a little town schiltach. 

People live here, and I am jealous of them. 

We checked into our hotel in weingarten and ate dinner in the hotel restaurant before getting some Zzzs. Today, it's time for Lake Constance! 

But first, some notes: gas seems reasonable here...until you realize the price is per liter. The gallon hasn't reached Germany yet. And that's too bad because it means 3/4 of a tank set us back 68.50 in US dollars. 
I miss my cats! 
I am tired of paying for bathrooms...even a charge for restaurants you eat at or gas stations you buy gas at...really ?
Germany is more beautiful than I ever imagined! 
<3 S&B 

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