Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Romantic Rhine (or, The Day We Heine Fahrted)

Our last night in Cologne ended with finding a delicious restaurant that made at least 8 kinds of veggie burgers. Tony and I were in heaven, while Brendan went for the real deal. 

Yesterday, we were up early to check out and pick up our rent car. The rent car pick up went so smoothly. Our car came with GPS, so no need to pay extra, and they are refunding us 60 dollars, as there is no need to pay to add me as an extra driver since Bren and I are married. I probably won't be driving much anyway, but we wanted my name listed as approved just in case. We are in a ford fiesta. It has perfect amount of room for the 3 of us and all of our stuff. 
So, we took off for the journey down the romantic Rhine, which is a drive along the Rhine river, where you see fairy tale like villages and medieval castles up in the hills. It wasn't always practical to get photos from the car, but it was gorgeous. I recommend adding it to the list of things to see in our big beautiful world! 

We stoped all along the way to visit castles and cathedrals. 
They ranged from ruins 

To more fully intact 

We stopped to check out Loreley Rock, where apparently a beautiful woman's enchanting voice lured many a sailor to his death. 
Heine wrote a poem about it and fahrte is the German word for, yeah Tony came up with the title. We've been in Germany for 3 days and the fart jokes are not old yet! 

Speaking of driving...we rented this car because it is the only way to see many things we want to, and because we are crazy. Brendan is doing great though despite the signs being all different and the measures of speed and distance being different, and all the roundabouts. It took us only 5 minutes to change our GPS to English. She says please a lot, which is nice. The traffic in Frankfurt was like Newark, but Brendan got through it despite construction detours and parking hassles (my modern day version of a hero), and we found our hotel. The hotel was exquisite. The nicest one besides our Amsterdam anniversary hotel. It had a hair dryer (a small luxury), fancy toiletries, and an amazing breakfast included in the price. Last night, we ate like African kings at Im Herzen Afrikas. We were lucky to get in despite having no reservation. The restaurant was decorated with some guests lounging and others climbing latters to their tables and others on beds. It was very good food too and very reasonably priced. Germany has surprised us with its affordability. 
Lastly, we checked out the super moon: 

And we were up early for breakfast and today's forest, here we come! 

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