Sunday, August 10, 2014


Sorry to leave the blog world hanging. We've been enjoying time with our family. 

On July 30th, we made it to Newark and Brendan's dad picked us up at the airport to bring us to CT. It was the longest travel day ever and it was so good to be home! 

We spent 3 nights in CT, mostly catching up with the grandparents but also enjoying a sailing adventure that left me hanging on for dear life! 

On Saturday, we enjoyed beautiful quilts and seeing family at grandma Nancy's quilt show, and then we left for Maine! 

Our 5 nights in Maine were perfect! So many good times with family: fishing, swimming, kayaking, cooking, s'mores, blueberry picking, and game playing were amoung the highlights! 

I caught 2 large mouth bass this year (don't worry, I put them back!) and Brendan caught 4 or 5. I find fishing pretty addicting. 

I love our Maine schedule. It was relaxing and the perfect way to recover from our high intensity Europe travels. It was nice to have such quality times with family. Brendan's mom even helped perfect my pancake making skills. I'm a pro now! We had really great weather too. 

We left Maine and returned to Austin (it took 3 flights and 11 hours) for a few days with my family before heading home. A post on that later, but I will say Lola and Zoe are happy we're back!

Here's to our great memories made in Connecticut and Maine this summer! We had a blast and so enjoyed our "vacation from our vacation."
<3 S&B 

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