Saturday, September 6, 2014

Building a House, Month 5: Foundation and Framing

Time flies! We bought our lot exactly 5 months ago today.

When we left off last month, our lot was still awaiting an all important foundation. On August 16th, much to our delight, it was there!

August 16th 

August 16th 

It had just rained in Midland, so the concrete was wet from the rain, not from being newly poured.

The foundation was a really significant step, because it meant that our 150 day countdown until completion could begin. We now had an official estimate of mid-January completion. Later that week, we signed our final (we hope) lease on the apartment, which ends on March 5th, 2015. We hope this will give us plenty of leeway for closing and moving, even if the process does get behind.

The next weekend, we returned to find things looking almost the same. Though the forms around the foundation had been moved. I found this handy article which explains the construction process of building a house and also the correct terminology. I'm enjoying comparing what is happening with our house to their step by step guide. So far, it seems to match.

August 23rd

We also noticed that our brick had arrived. We thought it was pretty early for that, but we were excited because we really liked the color in person. We picked from a sample and had about fifty choices, definitely the most options we had for anything in the process.

Santa Fe Trail 
I didn't know what to expect the next week, but I was so excited when we pulled up to this:

August 30th

We had framing! The room to the left is our dining room, and the space to the right is the garage. For the first time, we could walk inside and see where the rooms would be.

Entry/Front Door 
Breakfast area/back door to porch 

Master Bath and Closet 

Master Bedroom
One of the other bedrooms 
When we went back today, there were some more developments. 

September 6th 
 Mainly, that the house is completely "wrapped," which is good because we got rain today.

September 6th 
 Also, our front and back door are here. Woo-hoo!

View from entryway
 The builders were out today making progress on the community pool area. To the left is a parking lot, which we saw them do a few weeks ago. The structure to the right is new as of this week. We believe it might be bathrooms and changing area, but we're not 100% positive.

After waiting four months, it is so exciting that our construction really began last month. When you drive into the neighborhood, the first view you get is of houses that are all complete, so it really looks like an actual neighborhood (I'll have to photograph this). That's crazy to us, because we remember driving in and having nothing but the model homes there. I'm really starting to dream about what living in our new house will be like. It's definitely starting to feel a little more like a reality, and I'm loving that!

Here's some more things I love:
My cousin Amanda is one of my best friends, and she also was an AMAZING bridesmaid.

Now, I get to return to the favor. I got this sweet note and gift in the mail last night, and I thought it was so cute. My fourth bridesmaid gig, and more importantly, Amanda and Matt's wedding, is coming October 2015!

The next thing I love is that we've had a super rainy weekend, and it's currently 66 degrees outside. My major weekend complaint has been that it is too hot to do anything, so I'm pretty darn happy about the fall weather. We did farmer's market and grocery store runs today, so our fridge is stocked and those tasks are checked off the to-do list. Plus, we even mustered the energy to do an hour long workout today. I did weights and interval training, and it was so exhausting. This was only my 2nd workout of the week (I did an hour of yoga on Wednesday), so I'll probably try to squeeze in a run/walk tomorrow, as our gym is closed. Apparently, the high tomorrow will be 82, so I'm definitely taking advantage of that!

How's your weekend going? We hope it's filled with just what you need.

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