Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday, Friday, Friday!

Ohhhh yeah. It's Friday. Here's what I loved about my week:

In a quest to incorporate more protein into my diet, I made this Quinoa Breakfast Bake on Sunday night. All week, I simply microwaved a slice for 30-45 seconds, and I had an instant healthy and hot meal. Brendan wasn't as big of a fan (he found it a little bit bland), but I would definitely make the breakfast bake again. I love having breakfast ready to go. The less I have to think before coffee, the better. On Wednesday, I made a protein smoothie by combining 2 cups milk, 1/4 cup peanut butter, a squeeze of honey, and 1 frozen banana. I shared it with Brendan. Each serving had 16 grams of protein; not bad!

I ate several tasty salads this week, but this one was my favorite: spring mix, strawberries, raspberries, goat cheese, mint, and 2 tablespoons of my favorite dressing. Yum. 

On Wednesday, my new running shoes arrived. I've worn them twice, and I love them. Speaking of running shoes, I squeezed in four workouts this week with plans to go to the gym tomorrow. Yeah!

Also on Wednesday, I got to hang out with two of my girlfriends after yoga. Grilled cheese, tomato soup, red wine, and staying up too late talking was just what I needed.

Today, we had rain and cooler weather (I could wear pants and a sweatshirt to yoga), and the cleaning service came, so our apartment is nice and neat for our weekend. I always feel more relaxed in a clean space.

The week wasn't perfect, but there were certainly many things to love about it.

And now? I'm looking forward to a quiet night in with Brendan, Lola and Zoe.

I'm ready for highs of 69 and 79 this weekend. Perfect cuddling weather. :)

Have a great weekend!

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