Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tough Week

Greetings from the Tuesday of my completely overbooked week!

We had an amazing weekend complete with two yoga classes (for me), TV watching (Shark Tank) and dinner making, pedicures (for me), lunch with friends and seeing the house (can't wait to share pictures this weekend), dinner (sushi!) and going out for another friend's birthday, and seeing another set of friends for some afternoon tea. It was a really busy and awesome weekend.

However, this work week is the opposite of "fun." We had an out of town trip to Odessa yesterday for a meeting, and I have five meetings on top of my normal schedule this week (it was six, but one was canceled). I'm behind on grading, and the papers and assignments keep pouring in. All in all, it's honestly pretty typical for week six of the semester.

I've somehow managed stay on top of laundry, making healthy dinners, and working out (with help from Brendan, of course), but still I feel behind on everything. We're keeping our spirits up though. After tomorrow, the worst will be over.

Anyone else overbooked to the max this week?

We hope not!

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