Monday, October 27, 2014

Building a House, Month 7: Electric, Plumbing, Inspections, Oh My!

My month 7 update is coming five days early this time because I'll be in Orlando this Saturday and unable to update.

When we last left off, the house had just gotten a garage door, making it officially "dried in."

A week later, on October 11th (an unseasonably cool day for Midland), things were looking basically the same on the outside:

October 11th 
However, the half circle window on the left was new. Compare to this photo from October 4th:

October 4th 
To see most of the changes, you had to venture inside:
Look for the little blue boxes...those are electrical switches and plugs, and they are now everywhere!
View from kitchen

Framing for kitchen counter 

Notes about our upgrades in spray paint everywhere

Some passed inspections 

Uh-oh...this wall needs to be moved. Make way for the whirlpool tub! 

View from entry
We also saw the insulation waiting in the garage, and the fireplace was unwrapped:

We didn't get to visit for two more weeks because we went to the conference in Austin.

When we returned October 25, things were the same one the outside:

October 25
View from entry 
I actually found two mistakes on the inside with our bathrooms:
We paid for a nicer bathtub (second bathroom)

We paid for a nicer shower (master bath) 
I informed the office, and they are correcting the problem ASAP. Bring on our upgraded bathrooms. 
In our backyard, our two neighbors to the left have their slabs poured (neighbors to the right just closed). 

Also, we failed a fire inspection :( Better luck next time house!

Please fix the fire stop and blocking...whatever that means. 
We had lots of plumbing and electric in place:
Bring on the toilet (master bath) 

Bring on the dishwasher (kitchen) 
We had to schedule a builder meeting with our new builder, Fernando, for today.

Unfortunately, Fernando had jury duty today, but Matt, his apprentice, is amazing. He has worked on buildings for Oxford, so we talked about Europe while waiting for Brendan to arrive. Matt pulled our plans and our upgrades record from the office, and we reviewed:

Glad you guys have it color coded 
I felt so excited today about our house. I can't wait to live in it with Brendan and make it all our own :) This is a special time in our lives, and I'm trying to treasure every minute. The community is coming together too.
The swimming pool is dug:
It will be 4'6" deep

Pool bathrooms/changing area

View from entry to neighborhood 10/27/14

In other news: I just bought Taylor Swift's new album 1989 (the deluxe version at Target, of course), and I LOVE it. It's completely different from anything she has ever done. I'm so happy for her; it's awesome!

Happy end of your Monday everyone!

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