Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Heavy Hearts

Today, we had four adults, one baby, two cats, and two dogs in our 964 square foot apartment. And you know what? It felt like one big happy family. The occasion? Our friends Jill and Ryan officially closed on selling their Midland home today, and they move to Frisco, TX with their daughter, Riley, and their two pups, Loki and Brutus, tomorrow. Since they are, as of 3:00pm today, officially homeless, our home is their home for the night (minus Loki and Brutus, who only stayed here for an hour and are now at another friend's house). To say they will be very missed is an understatement, but, of course, we're happy for the next chapter in their family's life. Still, I can't help but get sentimental tonight thinking of all that we have been through.

I first met Jill in the fall of 2011, a month after Brendan and I moved to Midland, at a yoga class at Gold's Gym. I asked her a question about her t-shirt, and we quickly found we had a lot in common and lived only a few blocks away from each other. We soon scheduled some "couple's dates," and when Ryan and Brendan got along, we knew we had a good thing going. Many "couple's dates" of game nights, cooking dinner together, trips to the movies, to bars, and to brunches ensued, and, of course, Jill and I occasionally went to some Saturday morning yoga classes still.

Since we lived so close to one another, we became the natural choice for pet-sitting or house/apartment sitting for one another. A fun fact is that each time Brendan and I dog sit for Loki and Brutus, Jill and Ryan end up stranded in airports because of freak weather. However, Brendan and I never mind a few extra days with the pups! We love taking them for walks. Another fun fact is that Ryan checked our mail and kept an eye on our apartment for two and a half months this summer. Now that's a long apartment sitting gig.

Okay, back to the story. In May of 2012, I texted Jill from Austin to share the happy news of Brendan and I's engagement. She immediately said she wanted to throw my bridal shower, and, a year later, she did. That's just the kind of friend she is. In the fall of 2012, Jill and Ryan had big news too: they were expecting a baby! A month after my bridal shower, I helped host her baby shower. Brendan even helped Ryan paint the nursery. July 2013 was such a special month for all of us. I can still remember exchanging wedding pics with newborn pics via text messages I sent from Hawaii. I'll also never forget returning from our honeymoon and meeting Riley for the first time; she was so tiny, precious, and loud! She is now a gorgeous, talkative, and curious 15 month old toddler. Where did the time go? That is what all of us want to know.

Coincidentally, we have both been building a new home at the same time. Construction on Jill and Ryan's new home in Frisco began earlier this year, and construction started on Brendan and I's future home in August. It has been interesting and funny to be going through the building process at the same time, and it has been nice to have a couple we can discuss all the minute details with.

Tonight, we went out for a last (for awhile) dinner and exchanged going away presents. We got Jill and Ryan a copy of our favorite game: Ticket to Ride (The Nordic Edition), and they got us a fancy bottle of Bordeaux and took us out for dinner. For them, today has been ultra surreal, as they closed a four plus years chapter of their lives. For us, it's pretty surreal too, since Jill and Ryan have been our friends down the street for as long as we have lived in Midland.

Writing all these memories down is sad, but I know we will now have another excuse for a weekend trip, and we look forward to hosting them at our new house. We've even talked about meeting in another town for a weekend together. I know that, no matter what, we will keep in touch. It isn't goodbye, it's just so long for a while!

Farewell friends and best wishes! We will miss you.

and your little massive dogs too! 


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