Thursday, November 13, 2014

16 Things I've Learned From Mimi

A week ago tomorrow, my grandmother turned 97.

I was in Boston for a wedding and unable to attend her party, but she was certainly in my thoughts all weekend, as she is most everyday. My Mimi and I have always shared a strong connection. In honor of her birthday, I'm reflecting on 16 things (9+7) that I've learned from Mimi. In no particular order, here they are:

1.) Reading is the best way to escape to somewhere different and keep your mind active. Don't keep reading a book if you don't like it, life is too short, and there's no point in that. Find books that you love and read them as fast as you can. Develop a lifelong love for reading, and your mind will stay sharp.

2.) Smoothies are the best kind of breakfast. Blend up fruit and juice, and it's ready to eat.

3.) Always send a thoughtfully written thank you note. Late is better than never.

4.) "Hiring movers now is cheaper than paying for back surgery later." Well said, Mimi, well said.

5.) You don't have to make promises that you will be anywhere. It's okay to say no or say that you are not sure.

6.) You can disagree with someone's choices and love them at the same time.

7.) Life is too short for regrets. Stop focusing on what could have been and accept what is with as much grace as possible.

8.) If you are not a good fit with someone's family, save yourself time and end the relationship. When you marry a person, you marry that person's family. Unless being close to family isn't important to you, this will be a big source of conflict.

9.) Never read your partner's mail or email or pry into that person's personal business in any way. You have to trust the other person fully to have a happy relationship.

10.) Heartbreaking, difficult, and hard things will happen to us all. This is a part of life. When bad things happen, you have to continue living. A tragedy shouldn't define the rest of your life.

11.) Don't be a person that talks constantly. This is exhausting to other people. Stop and listen.

12.) Buy things at places where you can get the best deal, even if this means making trips to multiple stores.

13.) Save your money. You never know what is going to happen to you. Being self sufficient and financially secure are more important than anything material that you could buy.

14.) Find a lot of people to love. Whether you have a family or develop rich friendships, being invested in other people will add quality and quantity to your life.

15.) Keep busy. Schedule weekly bridge games when possible.

16.) Never say no to playing a game of Scrabble.

Photo taken by my cousin, Amanda Figueroa. 
Happy belated birthday, Mimi. Thank you for all you continue to teach me. I hope I get to be 97 and just like you one day!

In other news: we got Brendan's car back from the shop today. Three cheers for having two cars again! It has also turned very cold in Midland (currently 31 degrees). I am not ready for it to be this cold, but I have no choice, so I took my boots in to be repaired, and I took my work pants to the dry cleaners. Winter is coming. Stay tuned for a 5K recap (spoiler alert: I don't think we'll be breaking any records) and a house update this weekend. Happy almost Friday!


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