Sunday, November 30, 2014

End of November + "Ready" for December

Our Thanksgiving vacation was wonderful! On Wednesday, we made it to Austin in time for dinner and enjoyed a family meal at Pho Thaisun. This was our third time eating here since my cousin Amanda and her fiance, Matt, introduced us several months ago, and it never fails to please.

On Thursday, my brother, Graham, hosted Thanksgiving at his house and a delicious feast was cooked for nine!

Graham and his turkey
After the feast, we caught a showing of Interstellar at Alamo Drafthouse. The movie was really zany and pretty fun. We suggest not thinking about it TOO hard, as some of it makes very little practical sense, but if you are ready to suspend your disbelief, you like distopic/speculative "science" fiction, and you have nearly three hours to spend at the movies, then Interstellar is the movie for you.

On Friday, we avoided "black Friday" in every way. Instead, we ate family breakfast at Cisco's, and we did some online shopping (my annual Christmas cards are on the way!). We also researched summer travel plans, enjoyed spending time outside (the weather was in the 70s the entire time we were in Austin), and ate dinner with my parents at El Arroyo. Cole came over Friday night, and we played my Dad's favorite board game, Ticket to Ride, and visited until past one in the morning.

On Saturday, we ate breakfast with my parents at Trudy's, relaxed a lot, and played two more rounds of Ticket to Ride. Saturday night, Brendan and I attended my ten year high school reunion on sixth street. It was good to catch up with people I hadn't seen in ten years and hear what people are up to now. It was a small group of maybe forty people (my graduating class was 369), but it was a good size reunion to really get to visit with everyone.

This morning, we ate family breakfast with Matt and Amanda at Taco Deli, and then we hit the road for our return to Midland. We arrived in town at 4:30, but ran an hour worth of errands (including checking on the house) before actually returning home. Lola and Zoe were glad to see us, as usual, and I was so happy to see them. I missed those fur cats!

After dinner, we put on some Christmas music and decorated. I knew if we didn't get it done today, the busy week would go by without decorating, and we wouldn't have any time to actually enjoy the tree and lights. This year marks the sixth and last year for this tiny tree to be our main tree. When we have the house next year, we'll upgrade to a bigger tree and maybe use this one as small decor somewhere else.

Big thanks to Brendan for hanging the garland, ornaments, and the lights above the door. Zoe kept trying to "help" him by jumping up on the stool; it was pretty cute.

We literally store all the Christmas stuff in two boxes in our closet. This is the fourth time we've decorated in this apartment, and we have it down so well, we can do it in an hour!

It makes me happy to see the decorations. Two things I don't think I can ever give up, no matter how busy life gets in December are decorating and mailing out Christmas cards. I love this time of year, even if I never quite feel "ready" for it. This month will be so, so busy (as usual). We have at least five work related Christmas parties to attend, we have all our shopping and wrapping ahead of us (I have a few gifts, but nothing big), and, as of tomorrow, we have twelve days until Fall 2014 grades are due.

Ready or not, December is two and a half hours away!

We hope you and yours are able to embrace all the holiday season has to offer.

Cheers to being merry!

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