Monday, November 10, 2014

Katie and Anthony's Wedding Weekend

Happy Monday...

If you don't think those two words go together, then just make the executive decision that they do. I'm having a good day because I decided to approach the day with positivity and energy, even though I am, admittedly, feeling a bit drained.

Brendan and I have had an incredibly busy week since my previous post last Monday. We worked the first half of the week (Monday through Wednesday), and I even fit in a quick look at the house on Wednesday (update post coming soon). After his night class on Wednesday, Brendan's car was giving him some trouble, but we didn't have time to do anything about it because we had to pack for our trip to Boston. We set the alarm for 4:30am on Thursday morning, and we caught a 6:00am flight out of Midland. We were headed to Boston to celebrate the marriage of Brendan's cousin, Katie, to Anthony, and we were both excited to be a part of the day.

We arrived to Boston in the afternoon, and we were lucky that the groom had some time to pick us up from the airport and give us a ride to our hotel. We checked in and met up with Brendan's parents and sister Annie later that night for our version of Thanksgiving. Brendan's parents treated us to an AMAZING meal at a really exceptional Italian restaurant called Davios. I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area. What followed? Bowling of course, with all the Egans that were in town.

On Friday, we got to spend time with family, and Brendan's mom treated Annie and I to manicures, pedicures, and eyebrow waxes at a fancy salon called MiniLuxe. Then, Brendan, Annie, and I rehearsed for the wedding and enjoyed a most delicious rehearsal dinner hosted by the groom, Anthony's family. My gosh was the pizza and pasta good. It's a wonder any of us could fit into our wedding outfits! The bride made us the sweetest gifts: personalized make up bags (filled with lip balm, nail file, earrings, and bracelets), personalized stationary (each bridesmaid's stationary looked different to match her personality), sour patch kids, and the sweetest card. Brendan got journals, a bag of miniature cats (don't ask), and cards shaped like business cards that simply read "Stop talking." I think he should pass them out when students talk in class.

Saturday, the girls met early for hair and make up at the BeStyled Salon.
Becky (bridesmaid/cousin by marriage), Carol (mother of the bride), and Katie (bride)
Annie (cousin of the bride/bridesmaid), Me (bridesmaid/cousin by marriage), and Katie (bride)

After hair and make up, there was lunch, a few set up things, getting ready and lots of photos. Check out these amazing paper bouquets the bride made. I love that it will last forever.

And each one was personalized:

I don't have photos of the ceremony because, well, I was in it! But I can say it was beautiful: Brendan wrote and read a poem for the occasion, and friends of the bride wrote and performed a song. The vows were written by bride and groom and were funny and sweet. I definitely was teary eyed. Afterwards, I was ready to party. There were buses between ceremony, reception, and hotel, so none of us had to worry about transportation all night, which is awesome.

At the cocktail hour, there was an amazing board that just had tons of different cheeses, chutneys, and toast on it. It was heaven. Sorry the photos are a little dark!

The space for the reception was decorated beautifully:

Katie added so many little touches. The favors were spices that were personalized with our names and also served as escort cards. The food was served family style and was very tasty. The band kept us all dancing and even let the wedding party join them onstage for the final song (Journey--Don't Stop Believing).

It was a magical night to remember, and I was very honored to be a part of it. Being a bridesmaid was definitely another "official Egan" moment for me, and I loved it. After the after-party Saturday night (you didn't think we'd go to bed before 1:00am, did you?) we were very tired on Sunday morning and very glad that a delicious breakfast was included in our stay. We were also glad that we sprung for more expensive 2:00pm flights instead of early ones.

We had to take three flights to get home yesterday (Boston to NYC, NYC to Dallas, and Dallas to Midland). We made it back to the apartment around 11:30pm last night, slept, and woke up bright and early to teach at 8:00am this morning. Complications: we were completely out of water, so had to leave early and stop at 7-11 for coffee (and they only had decaf!) AND we are sharing a car until the shop can get Brendan's back to us (fingers crossed for the repairs being easy, inexpensive, and relatively fast). All in all, I'm just so thankful our travels were not delayed or complicated.

There was also a big celebration in my family this week: On Friday, my grandmother turned 97, and my family threw her a party on Saturday. I decided I want to do a separate post on my mimi later, so here is a pic of her cake in the meantime.

Tonight, I am off to yoga and Brendan is teaching until 10:00pm. I have big dreams of cooking us a healthy and delicious dinner (even though Brendan will have to eat his late). Brendan and I are also signed up to run a 5K Saturday morning (sigh). I have no idea what I was thinking when I scheduled this, but by golly, I'm gonna make it happen.

By the way--If you are interested in paper flowers, personalized stationary, or personalized wedding invitations/menus/escort cards/thank you notes, etc., Check out  Katie's website. She does custom jobs that turn out extraordinary.

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