Saturday, December 13, 2014

Building a House Month 8.5: Floors, Counters & Fixtures

When we last left off in our house posts, our home was half bricked, had crown molding, baseboards, and some interior doors. On December 6th, we pulled up to our home with the brick 100% completed.

Home sweet home, December 6, 2014

Much to my delight, progress was very underway on the neighbor's home. Living right next to a home under construction isn't exactly my cup of tea, so the more progress they make on this place before we move in, the better (the neighbors on the right have moved in already).

We saw that the tile had just been laid, so we couldn't actually walk inside the house. I could see the granite countertops in the distance. So close, yet so far away.

View from garage 

View from backdoor 
I still just love the brick color we picked.

Since we couldn't go in, it was a short visit, but it was a different story today.

We immediately noticed that progress to the pool and splash area had been made:

When we purchased our lot, I wanted it within a comfortable walking distance to the pool area. We are about 1.5 blocks away. While we may or may not have kids while in this house, we knew it would be attractive to a future buyer. Plus, I plan to use the pool myself!

We drove to our house, and couldn't wait to take a peek inside:

December 13, 2014
However, we encountered a minor road block:

It was locked! We had to go to the office and have our sales representative come unlock it for us. We immediately noticed more doors and some fixtures were installed. And since the tile had grout, we could walk on it.

View from entry

Dining Room 
In the kitchen, I was finally able to see the granite countertops in person, and they had done the backsplash! I really, really like all of our selections. It was so cool to finally see everything together.

We also noticed more of the lighting in.

 The living room had its ceiling fan.

As did our room and the other two rooms: 

One of the other two rooms (they are identical). 

In our bathroom, there was a lot of progress: 

Hello double sink! 

Hello jetted tub! 

Hello not yet tiled shower! 

The other bathroom seemed even further along:

Half tiled second bathroom 
In the backyard, we had dirt.

We mentioned to the sales rep that our real estate agent had confirmed a closing for January 12th; however, the sales rep had emails showing a closing date of January 28th, which she seemed to think was accurate before seeing the house. After seeing the house though, she said our home was further ahead of some that were supposed to close before January 28th, so, we're not sure what that means for our closing date. We do have our rate "locked in" until something like February 9th, and I made sure to mention to the sales rep that we wanted the house closed on before we lost the rate. She seemed to think January 28th was totally doable.We would be totally fine with either date, but fingers crossed, it will be in January.

This was likely our last visit until we return from winter break travels in January. It will be exciting to see what is accomplished in the next three weeks when we get back.

Here's to home sweet home!

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