Friday, December 12, 2014

Finals and Finalized

Alright! I'm officially writing from the other side of the Fall 2014 semester, which ended this morning when Brendan and I submitted our grades and grade books. Boy does it feel GOOD to be done. I am REALLY proud of all that we accomplished this semester. New numbers in the writing center where I've been doing tutor coordinating show student usage up 66% this semester from where it was the fall before I started. We saw 5,753 students this semester, and we tutored about 100 a week.

Here are the numbers that mean the very most to me: of my developmental writing students, 79% passed the developmental writing course and moved into credit level English with me halfway through the semester. Of those students, 80% passed credit level English 1301 with a C or higher (and 67% made a B or higher!). I feel darn good about THAT.

After we turned in grades, we went to a party at school to celebrate the semester ending with the English Honor Society that we both advise. We had 9 students come and hang out, which was really fun and sweet.

Then, it was time to finalize something else: our home loan.

We locked in our interest rate at 4.125% and found out that our loan payment, taxes, and homeowner's insurance payment will be $4.00 less per month than what we are currently paying for rent at this apartment. I knew buying a house was a financially wise decision, but I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable it will really be. Our lender said our payments will only be 19% of our take home pay (she said most people use about 28% or higher of take home pay), and she said considering our credit scores and savings, we were "dream buyers." That made us feel good. When we started saving in October of 2012, we had set goals, and I'm really proud that we even surpassed those goals. Back then, we were just trying to build an emergency fund, with at least six months of living expenses, and we waited to buy a house until we could do so without depleting the emergency fund (of course, it helped that they needed 9 months to get it built!)

So, the final grades are submitted, the homeowner's insurance is acquired, the interest rate for our loan is locked in, and now, all there is to do is enjoy the next 3.5 weeks of vacation. I know it's going to fly by (it always does), but I have a long list of things I'm looking forward to doing (and it doesn't include packing). Rest and relaxation, here I come!

Here's to getting all the checks off the list,


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