Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day of 2014

Our 2014 is wrapping up in the airport today, as we head back to Austin after a great visit to Connecticut. We had a great Christmas and celebrated Brendan's 33rd birthday, plus saw lots of family and friends. 

Now, I'm reflecting on all the things that made 2014 special. The two big stand out events were building a house and traveling to Europe. The trip changed me in ways both big and small and was such an adventure. The house has been fun to watch and has given us much to dream about.

We were also lucky to visit Los Angeles for spring break with friends, Houston for work/to see Mimi, NYC for Doug and Maylin's wedding and seeing friends, CT for Brendan's dad's 60th and Christmas, Maine for Egan family vacation, Austin for family and work visits, Orlando for work (me), and Boston for Katie and Anthony's wedding. We enjoyed every trip and really weren't overwhelmed despite the busy schedule. We celebrated our first year of marriage this year in Amsterdam. My one thing I'd change for 2014 would be not ordering clams that gave me shellfish poisoning that night! 

We welcomed new babies Aubrey and Garrison to the family (my mom's side) and our friends Dagan and Stephanie had baby Violet. My cousin Amanda got engaged to her longtime love Matt, and we're so excited for their 2015 wedding.  

Work was crazy but productive, with the writing center making leaps and bounds, Brendan winning teacher of the year in our department and getting promoted to assistant professor, and me winning a Jerry Mills and Dalius award to present at a conference in Orlando. 

I definitely have personal goals in mind for 2015 (writing, financial, and fitness related), in addition to my professional goals, but the first priority of the year will definitely go to moving (hopefully at the end of next month). If 2015 is anything like 2014, I know it will go fast, so I hope to live very consciously and in the moment this year. 

Happy New Years dear friends! Our wish for you is peace, happiness, and health! 
<3 S&B (soon to reunite with L&Z)

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