Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Begins

We've officially made it through the first week of 2015. We had one day in our apartment before work started up again: just enough time to put up the Christmas decorations and grocery shop. 

Work has been busy because our college brought in Dr. Donna Beegle for inservice training. She speaks about poverty and how to help students overcome poverty and receive an education. I had so many reactions to the eleven hours of training I've received in the past two days, and I'm still processing it all. Dr. Beegle serves as an incredibly inspiring example because she overcame generational poverty with the help of many teachers and mentors, and she is an example of what a positive difference teachers can make. There are things I am going to do differently in the classroom because of this training. My mind was opened to a world that I rarely think about existing, and I am inspired to give more and do more. I learned that some elementary schools in Midland have 84-89% of students living in poverty. I learned that students facing poverty who manage to enroll in college have only an 11% chance of leaving college with a degree. I learned that people living in poverty are rarely treated with dignity. I purchased Dr. Beegle's book See Poverty, Be the Difference, and I'm looking forward to reading it and to directing my efforts in 2015 to giving more. 

In other news, since we returned home, we officially set the closing date for our house as January 28th. The builder was ready to move it up to January 19th, but we have a trip planned to see my grandmother that weekend, and we felt we needed more time to pack! We turned in our 60 day move out notice with the apartment (we have to pay rent at the apartment until March 5th, so we can really take our time moving). After that, the real emotions began (uncertainty, agony, excitement, and just hopes that we know what the heck we're getting into). This is going to be a very interesting next step for us. It still doesn't feel totally real. 

Tonight, I returned to yoga class. My body feels so different after being out of practice for three weeks. I've started eating healthy and cutting back on how much I pants were getting quite tight, so I had to take action. I also registered us for our 5th 5K, which benefits programs for single mothers and young women in our area, as well as orphans with Down Syndrome. The run is March 28th, so we have some time to prepare. 

So, that was the start of 2015 for has your first week been? We hope you're getting back into your groove. 

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