Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Snowy and Stress Filled Week

I'm so relieved that it is Saturday morning. I just slept in and then cooked breakfast. It's an amazing feeling to be relaxing with Zoe on the couch.

Our week was anything but relaxing.

After being sick with food poisoning all day Monday, I made it to work at 8:00am Tuesday for a long workday. I wasn't feeling great, but I managed to make it through everything. I haven't taken a sick day yet, and I won't unless I absolutely have to. While I was at a meeting, Brendan met the inspector at our house. They were there for two and half hours. The inspector found a long list of things that needed to be corrected. They were mostly minor things, and no one was really shocked about anything, but we were definitely glad we had an inspector, as we would have never found this stuff on our own. The part that was discouraging is that we had pushed the inspection back five days at the builder's request, and they really hadn't seemed to make much progress in those five days at all. There were certain aspects of the house that could not even be inspected yet (air conditioning and the jetted tub are two examples).

On Thursday, I met with the builder and our realtor while Brendan was at a work meeting. It had been snowing a lot, so I got a picture of our home in the snow. This is also the first picture I have that shows the stained front door.

January 22, 2015
Basically, we wanted a chance to communicate that if the list of corrections couldn't be completed in time for our Wednesday closing, we wanted to push it back. The builder seemed confident that he could get it all done in time for Tuesday's re-inspection. If the closing gets pushed back to February, it would be a hassle, as our lender would have to re-check our bank statements, collect new pay stubs, etc. etc. It's definitely a hassle we hope to avoid. While at the meeting, I was happy to see the pendant lights finally made their way to our kitchen.

On Friday, we had a delayed start at school due to snow.

We got a phone call that morning about some surprise fees added to our closing costs. Not what you want to hear five days before closing! My aunt is a real estate agent, so she was able to give me advice on how to handle the situation. As we drove to work, I was looking forward to putting aside the stress and teaching my class. I walked into my classroom, and what I saw was horrifying. Another instructor, who has never used a Smartboard, had taken Expo markers (for dry erase boards) and written all over the classroom board. The markings are permanent, and the instructor had tried to erase them, creating an even worse effect. This meant my only method for showing my class notes, videos, computer skills, etc. was effectively ruined. The boards are quite expensive, and I don't know if we will have to replace it, which could take weeks. I was really disappointed, as this throws a wrench in my teaching, and my classroom had been a nice aspect of life staying the same (half of our apartment is in boxes).

After work, we drove to Home Depot to place an order on a fridge. We found the perfect one, and I'm happy to say, it's going to be ours (I'm nerd level excited about the two bottom freezer drawers and finally having an ice and water dispenser), but unfortunately, not until February 12th. Note to self: don't wait eight days before you are going to need a fridge to order one. I see purchasing a mini fridge in our future.

Last night, I filed our taxes, which was actually really stress relieving. I'm one of those people that LOVES doing taxes. Brendan was happy to make dinner instead. We've done more packing this week, but I already feel behind on my grading, and I spent last night grading discussion boards until midnight to make up for it.

I know next week will be stressful, but I hope that, for the most part, it plays out according to plan (Plan: final inspection Tuesday, close Wednesday, seal our grout Thursday, move our fragile stuff Friday, movers come Saturday, unpack Sunday). However, I also know that plans are written in life planners, not stone. I'm going to try to keep focused on the positives: I love our new house, and I cannot wait to move in. I know once we live there, the stress will have all been worth it.

And I have my cuddle cats and my sweet husband to help me through the unexpected!

Here's to the weekend! I needed it.

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