Sunday, January 4, 2015

Building a House Month 9: In the Home Stretch

When we last left off in the building a house posts, our house was fully bricked and half floored with newly installed counters. Today, we came for the first time in three weeks (we just returned to Midland yesterday), and, despite the holidays, a lot of progress had been made.

January 4, 2015
We had a driveway and a sidewalk and the front yard was filled in with gravel (all the homes in the neighborhood are "xeriscaped" by using gravel instead of grass, which is hard to keep alive in the summer). We also had a fence all around the house, and we are just awaiting the gate now. PS-Check out the blue blue sky!

Inside, we noted all the progress. For one, all the engineered wood laminate is in, but right now, they have it covered. It's a dark chocolate color, and I cannot wait until we can see the final effect. We have this flooring in the living room, formal dining room, and all bedrooms. The fireplace also has brick. 
Living Room
 We have sink faucets, toilets, and mirrors now, and the tiling around the showers is complete:

Second bathroom
Kitchen with faucet in 

Master bath with faucets and mirror in

Masterbath shower tiled with door
Master bath long view 

Closet tiled 
Overall, things are just looking more complete with little details like the interior doors installed.

Laundry room 

Entry way 
We were excited to see the actual shape of the backyard, now that the fence is in: 

Backyard left 

Backyard straight view from porch 

backyard right (note the ice: it has been cold here!)

We also found some green notes with memos of things to fix:

Crooked light switches
 The garage now has a hot water heater:

Down the street, we noticed someone had erected a truly hideous statue of an oil rig for decoration. To each their own, I suppose, though I find this truly distasteful! 

Tomorrow, we submit our 60 day written notice to the apartment that we won't be renewing our lease (we have lived here 3.5 years, certainly longer than we ever anticipated). Our house is looking closer and closer, and we are feeling really ready to move. Though there is one minor detail: we have to start packing. We head back to work tomorrow, so we know it will be a bit of challenge to find time to pack, but I know that we will get it all done.

Here's to a new year in our new home!

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