Thursday, January 15, 2015

Building a House Month 9.5: Walk Throughs Begin

Greetings from a way warmer Thursday! After cold temps the last few days, we're back up to 56 degrees here. Hooray!

When we last left off in our building a house posts, the house was mostly finished, though it was awaiting appliances and small touches, and we had yet to see the floors under layers of plastic.

Today, we arrived for a "final walk through" and the inspector was supposed to do an inspection. However, the house wasn't totally inspection ready, so we rescheduled with the inspector for Tuesday and this became a "first walk through" instead of a final one. Our relator was un-phased and said new homes are almost never inspection ready for the walk through. When we arrived, the cleaning crew had just come in, which was another thing that was supposed to be finished by the walk through. We didn't mind. It was clean enough to get the big picture, and we'll do another walk through later.

So what is a walk through anyway? It is basically where you take tape and tape any nit-picky small details that bother you (scratches, paint retouches needed, etc.) on both the inside and outside of the house. We had our realtor, the builder, and his assistant helping us, so the process went by pretty fast. I really like everyone we have been working with. They are truly a great team. We found some issues, but overall, things went as smoothly as hoped for.

We also found out about our warranty. For the first year, absolutely everything is under warranty, and the builder compared it to living in an apartment (anything you touch that breaks, they will fix). For the first two years, all the electrical, plumbing, and behind the walls stuff, they will fix if there are issues. For the first ten years, the foundation and structure of the house is under warranty. We literally live across the street from our head builder, so he said to let him know if we have any problems. I feel really relieved about all that, and it made me glad that we bought new construction.

So, without further ado, here are our newest house photos:

Front door, finally stained. This is our builder's assistant; Brendan didn't grow hair.

Formal dining area. Love those floors! 
Entry way. Love those arches. 

Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2 (same room, just flipped) 
Best room in the house
I'm in love :) 
Let there be light! 
Family room with working fireplace 
Master bedroom
View from master into bathroom & closet 
Cue choir of angels--I really like this bathroom.

Dreams of brushing our teeth at the same time

Shower Power 

Ready for a bubble bath!  

Closet space 


Note: we'll do all the landscaping (xeriscaping) ourselves. Brendan says it will be a long term project, but he's looking forward to it. 

garage and attic 
I forgot to take a picture of the front of the house in all my excitement, but I will get one next time. I'm feeling better as the actual closing nears (it is in 13 days, hopefully). Buying a house is a high anxiety process, and it isn't all roses and sunshine, but I do think we'll be happy with our first big purchase.

In other news, we've been packing for the last few days.

We are most looking forward to this upcoming long weekend. We'll be going to Houston to see my mimi! Only one work day between me and my mimi! Tomorrow should be a fun workday: I made my own version of Jeopardy for my class, and I'm hosting the writing center pizza party. A lot of my job is teaching students...another surprisingly large percentage of my job involves eating pizza with students; who would have thought?

Happy almost the long weekend everyone!

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