Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Building a House, Month 9.75: It's Finally Ours

When we last left off in the building a house posts, we were beginning final walk throughs and starting the inspections process.

Our house has now had two official inspections, and we've been to four walk throughs. Finally, with only a few cosmetic issues being tended to today, it was time to close on our home.

When people say closing is nerve-racking, they aren't kidding. I read most of the 123 page document yesterday (some of it was contracts I had already read in advance). We went in ready to sign, and signing the documents only took one hour. We paid all of our closing costs with a cashier's check and signed and dated all the lines, but the keys wouldn't be ours until the loan was funded. We were informed at the end of closing that there was a hold up waiting for the appraiser. The appraiser had to visit our house and declare it finished (since it is new construction) before the lender would officially fund the loan, thus making the house ours.

We finished signing documents at 2:30pm, and then we went down to city hall to put the water utilities in our name. I assumed we'd get a call shortly after that, but we waited and waited and waited. At 4:30, I called the lender, who said the appraiser was at the house and going to take ten minutes to inspect things and that she would call me back. Brendan went to school for his office hour and creative writing class. At 5:00pm, there was still no word, so at that point, I was getting a little nervous. At 5:15pm, I got the call: we were funded. I had time to call Brendan and let him know, before his class began, that the house was finally ours.

It took nine months and three weeks and a whole lot of signatures, but it was every bit worth the wait.

Today the house is ours! January 28, 2015

After signing at closing
It still doesn't really feel real, but I know one thing is for sure: I can't wait to make our house a home. 


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