Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend With Mimi

Greetings from the other side of the long weekend!

Brendan and I took advantage of our extra day off this weekend and flew direct (so exciting, as we can almost never get a direct flight to where we are going from here) to Houston on Friday night to spend the weekend with my Mimi and Mom. We had a great time visiting, drinking tea, playing scrabble, doing crosswords, watching Downton Abbey, and eating out.

I really treasure the time that I get to spend with Mimi, and I already miss her. I hope we can see her again before too long. Though Houston and Midland are in the same state, it would take us about ten hours with stops to drive there, so we either have to fly or drive from Austin when we are visiting there sometime. I wish we weren't so far apart!

The only downside to our long weekend was that I spent all day yesterday sick with what we think was food poisoning. I managed to not get sick at the airport or on the flight though, so that was good. I woke up this morning feeling well enough to go to work, but not well enough to eat real food. Brendan packed me a survival kit with oatmeal, rice, and a banana to take to work. He is the best at helping me through a sick day.

In other news, our home inspection is scheduled for this afternoon. Closing is supposed to be in eight days (on the 28th), so everyone keep your fingers crossed for smooth sailing throughout this process.


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