Friday, February 20, 2015

A House Tour

Happy Friday!

Well, I wish I could post perfect pictures of our house beautifully decorated, fully furnished, and completely done, but my first lesson learned as a homeowner has definitely been we will NEVER be completely done. Yesterday, it finally dawned on me that all the projects are supposed to be I started letting go of my dreams of perfection and started embracing the craziness for what it is: we have a house, also known as a never ending project and expense!

We've lived in the house three weeks tomorrow, and recently, it has actually started feeling like home. The past three weeks have been the most expensive of my life, but I honestly can say that I love our house. Compared to living in the apartment, I am enjoying: no stairs, a garage to keep my car ice free, reverse osmosis water in my fridge and sink (we used to carry gallons up the stairs since our tap water here tastes so bad), crushed or cubed ice from my fridge (again, no more carrying ice bags up three flights of stairs), purified tap/shower water due to the water softener we had installed, an amazing dishwasher (or maybe it's the water softener? No more streaks!), the double oven and gas stove with a griddle (Brendan loves it for grilling veggies), a lot more space, the fireplace, the heavenly jetted tub, the patio and backyard, and the fact that we share walls with no one.

Moving is stressful, but I would definitely say our move feels worth it. Sometimes I can't believe we have a house. It's still pretty surreal.

Okay, without further ado, here is the tour of house!

First up, the entryway and hallway: 

To the left is the formal dining room (also known as where we are keeping all the empty boxes/we haven't found a dining room table yet):

At the center of the house, our kitchen, featuring our new fridge (would you like crushed or cubed ice with that?)! 

The kitchen is my favorite place in the house. Notice how Brendan has hung our onion baskets in the pantry (this is funny because my mom bought them off our registry for Christmas 2013, and we just now hung them). 

Connected to the kitchen is the laundry room, nothing too exciting here:

And connected to the laundry room is the garage (my dad and Brendan cut, painted, and installed all the shelves):

Okay, back to the to the kitchen is the breakfast area. Our friends Jill & Ryan gave us this table, and we love it:  

Next to the breakfast area is the living room:

And out the back door is the patio/backyard: 
I once, naively, referred to the backyard as a "weekend project" hahaha...we'll be working on it until we move again. We have a lot of yard on the side, so it's a lot of space in need of TLC. 

To the left of the kitchen (under the arch on the right in this photo of the back view of the hall) are the extra rooms and bathroom. 

The front room is the office, which has also become a bit of a catch all for storage. Recognize the mini fridge? We had to do something with it once our real one arrived, so now it is the beer cooler. 

In the middle of the two rooms is the second bathroom:

The back room is the guest room (we still need to hang pictures everywhere!):

To the right of the kitchen/breakfast area is our room:
Hi Zoe!
We ordered furniture (two nightstands, a dresser/mirror, and chest) for this room, but it won't be here for another 2-3 weeks.

 I love my curtains :) I'd like to put a big comfy reading chair next to the window.

And our bathroom, my second favorite spot in the house:  

I love to use my jetted's the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day. 

The walk in shower is nice too. Though Lola cannot, for the life of her, figure out what we're doing in this big glass box.

The closet is still a work in progress...hahaha

So that's our home, 3 weeks in! 

I'm sure one day we'll get it perfect...

and then we'll have to move. 

c'est la vie. 


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