Saturday, February 28, 2015

Greetings From Starbucks

Hello from our home away from home these days: Starbucks; (send giftcards. The lattes are getting expensive).

You guessed it. We still don't have home internet.

But what we don't have in internet, we make up for in snow.

School was canceled again on Friday due to winter weather conditions. Do I even remember how to teach? I'm not so sure.

How have we reacted to the extra time off? Let's just say I've spent a lot of days in my pajamas trying out new Crockpot recipes (Poached Eggs on Spicy Lentils was a favorite and up next is Caribbean Pepper Pot Soup) and Brendan started and finished the novel Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

We finally managed to get dressed around 4:00pm today for a trip to Target to pick out some curtains for the living room...we ended up buying five sets just to see what works. I better not lose that receipt! Our house has a lot of windows, which is nice, but we're pretty cold since the average temperature these days is 28 degrees. Lined curtains seem to do the insulating trick, so we're looking forward to getting them up in the room we spend most of our time in.

I'm most looking forward to tomorrow's high of 67!
Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

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